Monday, June 28, 2010


From my trip to Copenhagen I brought a dress of lovely turquoise and light fabric. Just right for the summer. But the cutting was a bit too unfavourable and put a bad light on my figure. The skirt of the dress was too long and much too wide. So in a 1st step I shortened the hem and in a 2nd step I made the skirt narrower. 
This is how the dress looked like after these 1st two steps (I'm afraid I forgot to take a before picture):
What you can see on top of the dress form is a string of lights which can easily be removed - but gives my cabinet a nice and soft light in the evenings.
I removed the spaghetti straps and re-used them to make a sweet bow. The shortening of the dress gave me some extra fabric I could use for making broader straps and a cute flower adorning one of the straps.

Now the dress looks so much better than before. I just love the flower and the bow. And of course the colour.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pale pink with hearts

You see these lovely pairs of cosy slippers? I like both of them: one pair is pale pink and has embroidered hearts; the other one is shiny red with white polka dots. I wish one of these would warm my feet at home.

Instead I bought these for my lovely lady guests. So I have a little feeling of envy in me. But I'm always happy when the girls come around and I can take these lovely slippers out of our shoe cabinet to hand them to the girls.

My own ones are of such poor condition I don't dare to show you. Only a few words: old, raddled, holey soles.
I really need to go and find some nice new ones for myself.
But where could I find nicer slippers than the ones above?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


... was birthday time.
Wish you all the best. Good luck for all what's coming up for you.
You'll make it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sun in the bedroom

This is how one corner of our bedroom looks right now. As you can see we are hiding a part of our wardrobe behind the curtains. And as it's quite springlike outside (aahh right, it's supposed to be summer - but seems the summer needs to take a little break after a really very sunny last week) I thought it's time to bring a bit of sunny and lively colour in the room.

So I took this sweet orange fabric with a nice floral design and lovely birds (I love birds and I hope Lilly didn't hear that) to sew new curtains. The fabric already waited quite a year for getting out of its closet. Got it as a present from my luv. As I need a pair of curtains of 3 m length the cutting and handling of the fabric was a bit tricky.

Of course Lilly also checked the fabric. Think she loves it.

The lower and side edges are now seamed. What still needs to be done are the binding ribbons for the top - 24 pair of binding ribbons!!! This will take a bit of time as I'm put out of action in the moment.

But Lilly is happy I'm joining her the whole day.

Hope I can finish my sunshine project very soon and hope you will like it too.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer on the balcony

Finally the summer could push away all the dark clouds so we can cheer the sun. I could not wait to decorate our balcony with my birthday hydrangea, roses and lavender (there's a small voice wishing we would have a nice terrace)...

... just as Lilly could not resist to bathe in the sun...of course not before everything has been explored.

Now all we have to do is: sit down, enjoy the sun, relax and dream of a nice and long summer.