Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent season

Advent season started. Christmas is not far off. 
We already had some snow.
Christmas shopping not started yet. Still to come. Oh, where is the shopping list? Ah yeah, right...also still to be done.
So we enjoy a peaceful 1st Advent - lookoing forward to Christmas to come.
Wish you the same. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paris is my 1st patchwork

Finally I tried it... my 1st patchwork project. After having read some good instructions I gave it a try. I measured, cut and sewed as accurate as possible so that the patches matches perfectly together. 
In between good ironing.
And then it was finished...my 1st nice patchwork top. The lovely Paris picture in the middle is from the adorable graphicsfairy. I love Karen's graphics already for so long. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful graphics.
Then some more sewing. Et voilĂ  ... here is my Eiffel Tower pillow. I was pretty proud as it worked out so well.

I hope you agree?
I'll be linking this post to the graphicsfairy's Brag Monday.