Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas blankets

In the frosty cold winter season you need a cosy and warming blanket. And for the holiday season it would be lovely if your blanket is of a shining christmas red. And how sweet would be a christmas tree on it?
I made 2 blankets for my parents for christmas. This is how they look:

 And of course Lilly loves it.
 Me too. And what do you think of it?

Christmas on the wall

That's our kitchen wall before the christmas season:
These are fruits and vegetable prints in thin frames in dark red matching the colour of the adjacent wall.
For the christmas season I wanted to have something more seasonal. So I searched for pretty pictures and wall arts and that's how it turned out:

Beautiful and seasonal. I like it.
I'll be linking this post to the graphicsfairy's Brag Monday.
keep calm and merry on: 
keep calm and carol on:
snowy angel girl: 
 j - o - y: sorry, I don't know where I found these
 star joy angels - subway art: 
 snow girl: 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Travel journal

A few month ago my friend and I were travelling through Thailand. We had a very good time and did see a lot of exciting, beautiful and interesting things.
And to keep all these stories and memories for later times I thought it would be a good idea to carry a travel journal with you. So I made one for my friend and gave it to her right at the airport waiting for our flight and our journey to start.
I took a simple note book, covered it with cute paper and placed some postmarked stamps and a label on it.


As my friend really liked her journal I think this could be also a sweet idea for putting it under the christmas tree for your lovelies. Don't you think so? 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st December ... Advent Calendar

Yep, we have already starting December. 
This was too fast for me ... I could not get our advent calendar finished. I simply "blame" it on my flu that put me down.

Here is what I could have done so far: I bought the 24 stockings, ironed them ...

 ... and sewed 24 loops on to them.
The plan was to sew a hanging in red and white in a patchwork-style and then to sew 24 buttons on it for attaching the stockings on the hanging.
But as I could not finish the hanging in time I already filled the stockings with lovely small presents for us.
Hope, I can finish the hanging shortly, would look so much lovelier. And we would enjoy opening the next stockings even more.
So I need to get well very very soon.